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The Energy Journal is a biannual publication focused on current energy affairs, currently the largest student-for-student energy magazine in print. It is published by the LSE, Imperial, UCL and ESCP Energy Societies.

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Paving the Way for the 21st Century

Two Concurrent Stratagems, One Energy Future

Due to the popularity of innovation and media proliferation, an overwhelming number of people get dragged into thinking that through small-scale sustainable deployment and energy innovation alone the world will meet its sustainable goals in the fight against climate change*. Unfortunately, this is not true. “We need big gains” - Olivier Guersent, Europe's most senior official working on Sustainable Finance at the European Commission, stated during a conference at University of Oxford. The European Commission estimates that we need to spend 180 to 200 billion euros per year for the next 16 years to meet environmental targets in Europe.

Given the EU Climate Change policies established by the European Commission, the United Nations recommendations that emerged from the Paris Climate Agreement, and the social pressure to exponentially reduce our carbon footprint, the world is experiencing a massive deployment of large sustainable technologies such as hydro dams, nuclear power plants, and large offshore windfarms, amongst others.

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About The Journal

The Energy Journal is a biannual publication written by students about current energy affairs. It is published by LSE, Imperial College, UCL and ESCP Energy Societies and is currently the largest student print publication on the energy sector.

Our unique venture was founded in September 2016 at LSE Energy Soc. In September 2017, the Journal moved to Imperial. In September 2018, UCL joined the Journal team and in January 2019, ESCP joined the family.

We combined forces to bring something new to our perceptions of the industry. Each university has particular knowledge of the energy sector; when we combine, we broaden our knowledge. It also gives students the chance to connect with like-minded people.

We have attended the yearly G3 Summit since 2018 and we take part in events throughout the year. One of our highlights was when we were nominated for a Bright Network Society of the Year Award - you can find out more here.

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Hype and Energy Technology Development

There is rising concern about climate change. Scientists know it. There has been a remarkable increase in the number of papers on the topic. But the issue is not intrinsic to academia. The public is also concerned with it, and the hype is real.

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