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The Energy Journal is a biannual publication focused on current energy affairs, currently the largest student-for-student energy magazine in print. It is published by the LSE, Imperial, UCL and ESCP Energy Societies.

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Greening Central Banks’ activities: a possible solution to tackle climate change?

"Grey, dear friend, is all theory, And green the golden tree of life.”

This quote from “Faust” by J.W. Goethe has served as introductory words by Yves Mersch, member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB) during a workshop at the ECB on 27 November 2018 [1]. Greening central banks’ activities has been an important issue in the actual debate for tackling climate change. The recent appointment of Christine Lagarde, former director of the IMF, at the head of the ECB has revived the debate. In fact, the new director defends that central banks must play a central role in the fight against climate change, declaring that the mission was “critical”. This position, although popular, is not unanimous among economists and central bankers. The President of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann, for example, is very critical of attempts to use monetary policies to fight climate change, preferring to keep a traditional role for these policies [2]. The Federal Reserve (Fed) has also recently stated that environmental issues were not taken into account in its year-long strategic review. But the new ECB director is not known to think inside the barrel.

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About The Journal

The Energy Journal is a biannual publication written by students about current energy affairs. It is published by LSE, Imperial College, UCL and ESCP Energy Societies and is currently the largest student print publication on the energy sector.

Our unique venture was founded in September 2016 at LSE Energy Soc. In September 2017, the Journal moved to Imperial. In September 2018, UCL joined the Journal team and in January 2019, ESCP joined the family.

We combined forces to bring something new to our perceptions of the industry. Each university has particular knowledge of the energy sector; when we combine, we broaden our knowledge. It also gives students the chance to connect with like-minded people.

We have attended the yearly G3 Summit since 2018 and we take part in events throughout the year. One of our highlights was when we were nominated for a Bright Network Society of the Year Award - you can find out more here.

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In the first quarter of 2020, the oil market was as turbulent as a hurricane hurting the US Gulf Coast. The dramatic collapse of oil demand pushed oil prices to new territories. The situation sets a gloomy future for weaker oil producers in the upstream sector. This led to a fragile coalition between crude oil producing countries.

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