Meet The Team

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Editor-In-Chief: Kathryn Jaitly

Kathryn studies Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. She enjoys learning about all varieties of development in the energy industry, and is particularly interested in merging this with science communication. Her aim for the journal is to inspire people across campuses by providing an interesting yet accessible journal for anyone who wants to know more about the sector. Get in touch with her if you want to know more:

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Executive Publisher: Irene Escobar Castells

Originally from Barcelona, Irene studies Physics at Imperial College London. She has focused her degree on Environmental Physics and has recently worked with 100 Resilient Cities to learn more about sustainable development and governance. She aims to challenge her publishing and science communication skills to create a journal for readers by transforming it into an appealing, readable and inspiring trip into the energy field. Email:

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Director of Content Creation - Imperial: Humera Ansari

Humera is a PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. Her research focuses on understanding the gas storage mechanisms in shale and investigating the prospect of carbon dioxide injection in shale reservoirs for both enhanced recovery as well as carbon storage. She has a keen interest in getting people more involved with energy issues and what the future of energy might look like using the journal. She can be contacted at:

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Director of Content Creation - LSE: Matt Piggins

Matt is an MSc student studying climate change economics at the London School of Economics. He is passionate about the intersection of public policy and energy economics. Most recently, Matt worked at Invenergy, an independent power producer, in Chicago. He seeks to make the journal an accessible, educational source for information on the global energy transition. You can contact him by email at

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Director of Content Creation - UCL: Ayobami Adeyemo

Ayobami is a chemical engineering student at University College London (UCL) where she minors in environmental engineering. Due to her passion for the energy sector and involvement in the UCL Energy society, she was elected as the treasurer of the society in her first year, after which she became the president in her second year. She aims to use the journal to create a platform for students to stay informed about the energy sector, particularly the transition from fossil fuels. Contact Ayobami at if you want to find out more.

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Director of Content Creation – ESCP Europe: Max Tang

Max is a master’s candidate at ESCP Europe Business School in Energy Management specializing in economics & geopolitics on LNG. He initially joined the Journal in 2017 as a writer and editor, while he was pursuing his first master degree at LSE in China in Comparative Perspective. Since energy supply is the root of every modern economy, Max believe that it is important for energy related information to become more accessible, transparent and accurate for everyone. The Energy Journal is a great platform to do just that, and also to meet likeminded individuals who strive to make an impact in the future of the energy sector. He can be contacted at

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Director of Online Content - UCL: Ayrton Bourn

Ayrton is an MSc student at UCL studying Energy Systems & Data Analytics, having previously graduated in Chemical Engineering. His work focuses on combining data science with the energy industry, motivated by the opportunity it presents in addressing sustainability problems. For the Energy Journal Ayrton has created the new website and is working on making new interactive content to make the site more engaging. He can be contacted at:

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Director of Video Content - Imperial: Gabriel Yoong

Gabriel is a second year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student, interested in renewable energy engineering. He has big plans for the new YouTube channel, expanding its content beyond the university. Get in touch:

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Director of External Relations - Imperial: Muhammad Waabis

Muhammad is a third-year Chemical Engineering student at Imperial College London. He joined The Energy Journal as a writer in 2017 where he authored two articles ‘Transformation of the Energy Industry in a nutshell’ and ‘The age of electric cars is closer than you think’. Since then he has taken a more active role in The Energy Journal and currently he is mainly responsible for pitching to potential sponsors and raising funds for The Energy Journal. Muhammad is also working on a partnership with a global energy summit called ‘Student Energy Summit 2019’ which takes place in London in July 2019. His long term goals involve expanding The Energy Journal to other universities in the UK and eventually taking it International. Email:

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Director of Social Media - Imperial: Mike Steventon

Mike is currently in his final year of postgraduate research, studying the development of sedimentary basins. Previously, he has been worked in the O&G sector as a geoscientist for Schlumberger and Cairn Energy, giving him a well-rounded knowledge of the energy sector. Want to promote something on our feeds? Email at:

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Director of Graphic Design - Imperial: Hongyi Wan

Hongyi studies Physics at Imperial by day and creates art at night. He is probably the reason you picked up the Journal in the first place.

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Director of Chinese Relations - Imperial: Sophie Wei

Sophie is a second year biological sciences student at imperial. She joined the energy journal in 2018 and is working on expanding the journal's reach into China.

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Assistant Director of Online Content - Imperial: Maria Wood

Maria is a second-year Physics student who enjoys coding on the side. She is partly responsible for the website you see today.

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Assistant Director of Social Media - Imperial: Sarah Patterson

Sarah studies Chemistry at Imperial College London. She is currently undertaking an industrial placement as a process chemist at GlaxoSmithKline. Her aim is to publicize The Energy Journal to as many audiences as possible in order to get people more informed and involved with energy issues. The Energy Journal is unique in that it written by people with different technical backgrounds, to create a journal brimming with the political, economical and scientific issues surrounding the energy sector. Sarah wants to utilise social media as a platform for people to understand these different aspects and shape what the future of the energy sector. Email:

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Assistant Director of Chinese Media - Imperial: Emily Ka Ki Lui

Emily has always been interested about the impacts of the power sector on the environment, and her studies in Biochemistry give her the chance to learn more. She is bringing Weibo and WeChat to you soon.


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