Meet The Team

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Editor-in-Chief - Imperial: Humera Ansari

Humera is a PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. Her research focuses on understanding the gas storage mechanisms in shale and investigating the prospect of carbon dioxide injection in shale reservoirs for both enhanced recovery as well as carbon storage. She has a keen interest in getting people more involved with energy issues and what the future of energy might look like using the journal. She can be contacted at:

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Executive Publisher: Sacha Corby

Having studied Chemistry (MChem) in her home city of Edinburgh, Sacha is a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London. Current writing her thesis, her research has been focused on solar energy conversion to sustainable fuels such as hydrogen. A keen advocate for science outreach and communication, Sacha hopes to inspire a broad interest in energy related matters amongst our readership. Email:

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Director of Content Creation - Imperial: Adriaan Hilbers

Adriaan is a second-year PhD student in statistics applied to renewable energy. With previous degrees in mathematics, his Phd seeks to answer: how do we use data and computing to make the best decisions in the energy transition? As such, his research involves developing and applying statistics and machine learning to energy systems. He also writes general-audience publications on energy and statistics. You can find his webpage here and contact him by email:

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Director of Content Creation - LSE: Joseph Hubner

Joseph is a General Course student in international relations at the LSE, and an Undergraduate at Rice University. His research and interest is in the intersection of energy and geopolitics with a focus on the effect of resource wealth on good-governance and an understanding of energy supply as a determinant of foreign policy. As Director of Content creation for LSE, he hopes to help shape the debate surrounding the future of energy and its role in society. He can be contacted at

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Director of Content Creation - UCL: Niklas Edler

Niklas is studying natural sciences at UCL, combining atomic and particle physics with inorganic and materials chemistry. Having previously written and edited articles for the journal, he is currently responsible for the organisation and management of the publication process at UCL. Nik is fascinated by the transition to renewable and low-carbon energy sources and has a particular interest in battery storage technology. He is passionate about making the Energy Journal your source of critical commentary and thought-provoking analysis on all things energy. Get in touch:

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Director of Content Creation – ESCP Europe: Sarah Dunne

Sarah is a master’s candidate at ESCP Europe Business School in Energy Management. She has previous experience working as an engineer in the Australian coal mining industry, along with experience in consulting as a research analyst. Sarah was elected as the Public Relations Officer for ESCP Europe Energy Society, and is in charge of organising and promoting a variety of events including the Energy Trading Challenge to be held in February 2020. Sarah believes that the Energy Journal gives her and other students a fantastic opportunity to write about topics within the energy sector that they are passionate about, as well as meeting like-minded people. She can be contacted at

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Director of Online Content - UCL: Joe Xu

Joe is a BSc student at UCL studying Computer Science. His interests include improving energy efficiency within households through the combination of IoT and machine learning. He is working on the site to streamline the Energy Journal website and improve the site's usability. Contact him via email at:

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Director of External Relations - Imperial: David Redpath

David is currently pursuing a PhD in Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London. His research is rooted in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry and optimizing value in exploration by better understanding sedimentary basins and their formation. He has interned at Equinor in Norway, during which he gained the perspective needed for the oil and gas industry to meet the energy demands of the future sustainably. He also sits on the Petroleum Group Committee for the Geological Society of London.

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Director of Social Media - UCL: Farzaana Ali

Farzaana is currently a master’s student at UCL, studying Spatial Data Science and Visualisation. Previously, she completed her BEng in Civil Engineering, also at UCL. Farzaana has managed other social media accounts, including those for start-ups as well as those for university societies. If you would like to be promoted on our social media, get in touch via email at:

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Director of Graphic Design - Imperial: Aulia Rahmayanti

Aulia is a second year Chemical Engineering student at Imperial College London, who enjoys creating media and visual design alongside her degree. She is interested in alternative fuels and carbon capture as means to support the energy transition. Her goal is to present the journal in the best light possible to expand readership, engagement and to make each upcoming edition a memorable one. Email:

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Directory of Video Content - UCL: Kristy Li

Kristy is a third year Civil Engineering Student at UCL. As the Director of Video Content, she will be in charge of brainstorming content ideas and filming videos that would bring global energy issues close to people in an interactive way. Contact her at:


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